Audio Samples

Scott Poole – Spike and Heaven Light

Amber Rubarth – Maiden and the Ram

Jonie Blinman – Lighthouse

Tanner Porter – First Car

David Peters – The Brightest Parade on Earth

Robert Reinfurt – Broken Path

Ren Farren – Jilted Lullabye

David Peters – Flags

Mar Low – Mylo

Diving Bells – Next Radio Hit

Bishi – Albion Voice

Videos from the studio

In the summer of 2014, Tanner Porter came in to record a follow up song to her debut album, "The Child Wrote a Poem". Remembering how unique and surprising that process was as it unfolded, David setup a GoPro camera to record the making of this new track. This is the result!

Here's a fun look into a day at Oak House. This video was cut together using footage from the actual sessions of The Gun Hill Royals recording their song, "The Devil's Train."

More and more often, artists are using the space for live, in-studio, video performances. Here's Elizaveta performing an acoustic version of her acclaimed song, "Hero".

A few times a year we host "Song Sessions", a night of live music, filmed and recorded, for a live audience. This is a video about the first night we hosted. Individual performances from the other nights can be found on YouTube and the Song Sessions page here on this site.

More Audio Samples!

The Novelists – The Big Heavy (Mixed)

Mike Harris – Can’t Money Suffice (Mixed)

“Betting On Zero” Soundtrack

The Gun Hill Royals – The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Maya – I Believe

Arlo Hannigan & Bryan Bryan Muktoyuk – Restless Willow

Jess Wayne – Say Goodbye to Hollywood

Michael Stahler – There Will Be a Mourning

The Novelists – I’m In No Pain (Mixed)

Garden – Falafelelf

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