Studio Gear List

The list below represents highlights from my private collection of production equipment.

1x Neumann U67 (classic 60’s tube mic)
1x Neumann U47 (custom rebuild w/vintage parts)
1x Neumann SM-2c (60’s stereo tube mic)
1x Neumann KM53 (50’s tube omni)
2x Neumann U64u (70’s tube cardioid/omni)
1x RCA 44 (vintage ribbon)
2x Coles 4038 (ribbon)
1x Royer 121
1x Shure SM7
other various common mics

1x Pultec EQP-1A Tube EQ
2x Pultec EQH-2 Tube EQ’s
1x LA2A Tube Compressor (NOS tubes and UTC transformers)
2x Urei 1176 Compressors (RevF)
1x Universal Audio 175-b
1x Gates Sta-Level
1x ADR Compex F760X-RS Stereo Compressor
2x Greg Hanks BA-660’s
1x DBX 160 (VU)
1x Sontec 250C Stereo Parametric EQ
1x Bricasti M7 Reverb
1x Eventide H3000 D/SE

2x Greg Hanks BA-660’s
2x Neve 1272 (vintage w/all Marinairs)
2x RCA BA-21A (60’s tube)
2x RCA BA-71 (60’s germanium)
4x RCA BA-74A (60’s germanium transistor)
1x Daking 52270B (modified with Marinair (Neve) transformers)
– more easily available upon request (Neve, API, etc)

Ampex 440-B (vintage 1″ 8-Track Analog)
JCF AD8, Burl B2 DAC, and Lynx Aurora 16 Conversion

Amphion One18’s and Amp 500
JBL LSR6328P – 5.1 Surround system


Kawai KG-1E Baby Grand Piano
1800’s Foot Pump Organ
60’s Fender Super Reverb Tube Amp

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